Grison Fairfleth
Grison Fairfleth, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Paws

Grison Fairfleth is a miller in Paws in Ultima VI.

When the Avatar first met Paws's miller, Grison was covered in white flour from head to toe. Grison seemed to enjoy his profession, although he admitted to the Avatar that it was hard messy work. A friendly outgoing man, he preferred to be called simply Gris.

Grison grew up with Timothy, and the two seemed to be old friends. A bit of a gossip, Grison told the Avatar about all the other citizens of Paws. He suggested that Mortude had a temper, Marissa was a bit haughty, and that Arbeth was scared of his own shadow. Grison also seemed familiar with Merideth and her grandmother Dorin. Grison further went on to compliment Ubermon's work ethic and Hendle's winning personality.

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