Guilders are the standard currency of the city Moonshade on the Serpent Isle. Guilders are a strange money, with a magical shimmering effect, but that doesn't mean that it is worthless. It is somewhat difficult to determine the exact worth of a Guilder, but fine ice wine costs 25 Guilders.

On Serpent Isle, the exchange rates are as follows:

1 Guilder = 0.66 Gold Coins

1 Guilder = 0.33 Monetari

1 Guilder = 1.33 Filari

Trivia Edit

  • Guilders are the only money in the whole series that comes in the form of bills. That also means it is a lot lighter than the other currencies. The pikemen in the Bull Tower disrespectfully call it a, "strange glowing money".
  • Considering the False Coin spell, it is curious that the exchange rate isn't much worse, as the presence of the spell could cause serious inflation.

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