Gustacio, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Moonshade

Gustacio is an elder mage in Moonshade on Serpent Isle. In his old age he requires the use of a cane to walk and, unlike many other mages in Moonshade, is incorrupt and of an honest disposition.

After arriving in Moonshade in Ultima VII Part Two, the Avatar attempted to speak with Gustacio. However, the mage was too busy for conversation, being preoccupied with the mystery of the missing Edrin. During the banquet in the MageLord Filbercio's palace, Gustacio actively protected the Avatar from Rotoluncia's attacks. However, he later knew it useless to confront the MageLord when the Avatar was sentenced to rot in the Mountains of Freedom.

During the imprisonment, Iolo befriended Gustacio and only after the Avatar had managed to escape was the mage finally willing to speak candidly. He had been studying the Teleport Storms with Mortegro, but the necromage had been struck by an errant lightning bolt and transposed with an Ophidian altar. Gustacio asked the Avatar to test his theories on his experimental grounds north of the city. Following this, Fedabiblio interpreted the results and concluded that Ale the parrot was in fact the missing Edrin.

Gustacio gave the Avatar a cage to catch Ale and an energy globe for the lightning machine, thus facilitating Edrin's return to normal. Gustacio showed his gratitude by giving the Avatar the Mirror of Truth and offering all his spells free of charge. He also examined the crippled Black Sword, concluding that its sorcerous energies needed realignment. However, the Flux Analyzer required for this process had been stolen by Vasculio some years prior.

When Shamino the Anarch invaded Moonshade, Gustacio was unable to withstand his power and was slain.

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