Gwenneth, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Britain

Gwenneth is an employee of Iolo's Bows in Britain in Ultima V. She has taken over the shop from Iolo by Ultima VI.

Gwenneth is Iolo's apprentice in Ultima V, keeping the shop afloat together with Gwenno during Iolo's forced absence (as he has been made an outlaw by Blackthorn). Other than that, not much was known about her at the time.

With her master's retirement from the shop after Ultima V, not only has she assumed the management of Iolo's Bows, she also makes the bows and crossbows. As an essential supplier for the Britannian military against the Gargoyle invasion in Ultima VI, her bows are in great demand by the soldiers.

As the sole manufacturer of the Triple Crossbow, she would sell the Avatar her only Triple Crossbow in stock for 400gp. She also sells Magic Bows among her wares; and is willing to waive the fee and give the Avatar one for free if the Avatar does not have enough gold.

Her main supplier of bolts and arrows is the fletcher Lynn.

Always respectful of her former master, she refuses to gossip about Iolo behind his back.

Trivia Edit

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