The Haakur Tribe living in the caves of south-eastern Eodon is, much like the Sakkhra Tribe, very different from the other tribes of the valley.

Instead of modern homo sapiens, the Haakur Tribe consists of Neanderthals like existed 30.000 years ago, only much more leaning towards the primitive-caveman image. They are practically all huge brutes with little brains who only barely stay peaceful. Even then, they still are in conflict with the Jukari Tribe and think of them as foolish for living so near to lava.

In Savage Empire, the Avatar had to gain the tribes favor for uniting the tribes against the Myrmidex. To do so, the Avatar had to get back the shield of the chieftain's son Krukk, who'd died while fighting giant spiders. Doing so ensured their allegiance.

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Saving the best for last, I present the Haakur. My initial impression of them was that they were a tribe whose homeliness, excessive hairiness, characteristic facial features (such as jutting jaws, prominent supraorbital ridges, and oversized noses), and other factors were simply the result of inbreeding and perhaps cultural selection.
However, such turns out not to be the case. Examinations of an injured Haakur warrior - especially concentrating on the shape and volume of the skull (the brain case actually being greater than that of homo sapiens sapiens), the curiously limited characteristics of the vocal chords, their patterns of thought (far more intuitive and instinctive and far less rational) than the other humans of the valley - lead me to the inevitable conclusion that here we have living examples of Homo sapiens neanderthalensis, or Neanderthal Man, extinct on the outer world for at least 30,000 years.
If the Haakur were the only evidence I had of such an amazing survival, I would be greatly tempted to dismiss it - to presume that conditions of health and breeding had led one insulated pocket of humanity here to develop neanderthaline physical characteristics. But, as will be demonstrated below, this is far from the only case of survival.
Ironically, though modern anthropological theory holds that the Neanderthals were more uptight that the brutish, bent - knees posture firmly fixed in modern folklore for the "caveman" - that, in fact, a shaved and suitably - dressed neanderthal would merely be considered somewhat homely by modern man - the Haakur come much closer to fitting the stereotyped image. Millenia of inbreeding and hereditary arthritis have conspired to make the Haakur of the valley of Eodon almost precisely into the stooped, hunched "cavemen" of pedestrian Saturday cinema.

- from Ultimate Adventures Magazine (Savage Empire)

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