In the Hall of Knowledge

The Hall of Knowledge is a combined museum/library in the Realm of the Gargoyles found in Ultima VI. It consists of three chambers that hold different relics:
  • The Human Chamber holds things that the Gargoyles have gotten from the Humans of Britannia. Most of it are inconsequential things, that nonetheless are alien to the gargoyles.
  • The Literacy Chamber holds the various books of the Hall, explaining the backgrounds of the Gargoyle race, their customs and history.
  • The Vortex Chamber is the strangest, as parts of it are made from the Ethereal Void. It held the more important artifacts, the Vortex Cube and the Purple Lens.

Prior to the Avatar visiting the Hall of Knowledge after surrendering to Lord Draxinusom, human thieves had broken into it, stealing the Vortex Cube. This caused the Gargoyles to seal the chamber with a force field.

In Ultima VI, the Avatar learned of how Naxatilor had brought the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom to the world, therefore getting on the right path of how to return it to the void. The Avatar also took the Lens, which by that time was broken (probably the result of the thieves' burglary). After that time, with the destruction of the Realm of the Gargoyles, the Hall of Knowledge was destroyed as well.

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