This article or section is about the Ultima Saga series of novels. The information within may not apply to Ultima V or other Ultima games.

Hawksnest is a wealthy estate northwest of Trinsic. It is the manse of Lord Erwald Ironhawk and Lady Barbara. The estate is nearly due south of Yew.

Dramatis PersonaeEdit

The home these young people left behind and to which they return. A large, self-sufficient estate several days travel southwest of Britannia's capital, Britain City. Most of Hawknest's residents live in isolated cottages and hamlets scatters across the vast estate, but the undisputed heart of Hawksnest is the fortified villa where the landlord's family lives with their privileged guests, hired retainers, and menial servants. Clustered against the villa walls, the foregate artisan community is an integral part of estate life although its residents lease the land beheath their houses and give their oats to Britannia's various guilds rather than to their landlord neighbor.

- from Dramatis Personae (Ultima Saga: The Temper of Wisdom)


Hawksnest was formerly known as Rosignel. After Barbara married Erwald Chandeller, they had a new estate build and renamed the land Hawksnest. Now, only the aging former estate, which still houses Lady Barbara's father, bears the Rosignel name.

Its campanile tower bears a bronze tocsin, to toll when travellers approach. A feast hall dominates the marble villa, surrounded by atriums. The roof is gilt in copper.

The rich land around Hawknest produces goods enough to keep the estate without need of much trade; linen was grown, retted, dyed and woven by loom in the estate; gardens and apothecary were kept, and could produce creams and perfumes for the ladies; and the vineyards produced a fine wine. Only the jewels and rare items, sush as silks, were imported from beyond Hawksnest.

The main gate opens to the northwest on a foregate settlement, where houses and shops are built on land rented from Hawksnest. A host of artisians call foregate home, and Guild law enforced. Just beyond, a stream provides water for the foregate and villa alike. From the arched bridge, a series of paths led in each direction, most joining up with the Old Paladin's Road between Britain and Trinsic, but allowing access to the various hamlets and cottages of the vast estate.

To the north of the estate, within sight from the campanile tower, is a clearing where moongates can be opened. At the far edge of the estate, man-sized boundary pillars were erected at regular intervals; as heir, Jordan was obliged to "set eyes and hands on each one at least twice a year," as part of family tradition.

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