The Helm of Monitor

The Helm of Monitor (or Helm of Courage) is the symbol of the Principle of Courage on the Serpent Isle, akin to the Bell of Courage in Britannia.

It was once the sacred property of the dreaded goblin king Gurnordir, who allegedly used its power to build up the goblin horde and almost conquer Monitor. When Gurnordir was killed, Monitor claimed the helm and it was given to the Knight Champion to wear ever since.

No one knows from where the Helm of Courage originally came, but it is believed to be enchanted. While Monitorians do not use magical arms or armour, the Helm of Courage is the sole exception to this rule.

The Knights fear the goblins reclaiming the Helm of Courage, believing it will give them the power to amass another horde for invasion. It was reclaimed by the goblins by the time the Avatar came to Serpent Isle and in possession of the goblin king, Pomdirgun.

The Helm of Courage is needed along with the Crystal Rose of Love and Mirror of Truth in order to defeat Rabindrinath in the Dream Realm surrounding Gorlab Swamp.

The last Knight Champion to hold the Helm of Monitor was Astrid.

It is possible that the Helm is a remnant artifact from the time of the Ophidians.

"Dost thou have the protection of Courage to face thy dreams? Can thine helm face the power and kiss the lips of sweet death?" - Rabindrinath

Trivia Edit

  • Functionally, the helm is identical to a magic helm and possesses no other special abilities.

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