Henry, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: New Magincia

Henry is a simple and humble shepherd living on New Magincia. He is deeply in love with a woman named Constance.

Some years prior to meeting the Avatar, he and Katrina had developed quite a close friendship. However, in the end she decided that it would be unfair with her vastly longer lifespan for the relationship to become romantic, so they stayed friends.

In Ultima VII, Henry was deeply depressed when the Avatar found him. After some coaxing, he revealed what was wrong. Katrina had given him a locket for his love, Constance, so that he could show her his affection. However, after he had already promised her the locked, it got lost and now she was mad at him. Henry suspected the three strangers Robin, Leavell, and Battles had stolen the locket and asked for help.

The Avatar indeed found out what had happened. The strangers had stolen the locket, but then lost it at the tavern when Boris stole it from them, then Magenta found it and thought it was a gift for her. The Avatar first showed the locket to Robin and he revealed his true colors. Afterwards, the Avatar returned the locket to Henry, who was much relieved, and he forgave Constance when she said how sorry she was for treating him so badly.

Trivia Edit

  • Returning the locket to Henry and then talking to Constance should be done while they are close to each other for added dialogue.

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