Historian, from Ultima Underworld II
Species: Talorid
Ultima Underworld II
Location: Talorus

The Historian is a being responsible for preserving the knowledge of the past.

A native of Talorus, when the Avatar first met him in Ultima Underworld II, he didn't understand English until enough elements had been gathered to translate. After the initial greetings, the Historian told the Avatar about Talorus and its history, and how the Guardian had taken over the world. After giving the Avatar much information, he told the hero to go to the Futurian to learn how to repair the damage done.

With some sadness, the Historian told the Avatar that the Guardian felt history was useless, and there weren't many historians left. The Historian also explained that the tendrils on his body were a sign of advanced age, and expressed further sadness at how even death had been made "efficient" on Talorus, by the Talorids being expected to commit suicide instead of living their natural life span.

After the corrupted Bliy Skup had been replaced, the Historian was very thankful and teleported the Avatar to the Blackrock Gem of Talorus.

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