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"Hitomi no Naifu" (Knife of the Eye) is an image song, sung by artist Noriko Hidaka. Its digitized version is used as the main theme for the NES port of Ultima III, and it appears in the Exodus "Ultima Mix" CD released by Canyon Records in 1987.

Lyrics in Romaji Edit

Mado ni kobereru, aoi hizashi wa
Suuji no nai yuka no tokei
Shuro no kaaten, kaze ni yureba
Tooi natsu no yaketa kaori

Kare no ude no naka
Watashi maru de marionetto
Kokoro ayatsurarete majutsu'

ULTIMA no ai wa
Hitomi no naifu

ULTIMA no ai wa
Hitomi no naifu
Douzo yosomi o shinaide
Kono mama

Lyrics in English Edit

Peeking through the window, the faint rays of sunshine
Are a numberless clock on the ground
When the SHURO curtains sway in the wind
The fragrance of a distant scorching summer

In his arms
I am a complete puppet
Magic is pulling the strings of my heart

ULTIMA love is
The knife of the eye
If it stares at me
I cannot move

ULTIMA love is
The knife of the eye
Please don't look away
Stay like this

External LinksEdit

  • YouTube video featuring "Hitomi no Naifu" set to images from the game play of the MSX port of Ultima III.
  • YouTube video featuring an orchestral version of the song set to images from the game play of the NES port of Ultima III.

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