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Home of Stratos

The Home of Stratos is a system of hovering platforms over the sea at the shore of Argentrock Isle on Pagan. It is the final test for Theurgists, and Stratos herself lives on the biggest platform near the top. To reach her means to pass the final test. At the first time, Stratos will help with the initial jump, but afterwards, a jump-spell, only awarded by Stratos herself, can grant access. Rumors say, that also something important is stored near her...

The Avatar visited the Home of Stratos twice in Ultima VIII. First to meet Stratos herself, and the second time to get the Breath of Air.

Trivia Edit

  • The Breath of Air is near Stratos, but the Avatar can only see it, after casting a Reveal spell.
  • Without the Air Walk spell, the place can't be reached after the last test.

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