The Homeless Shelter

The homeless shelter, led by Feridwyn and his wife Britta, is a house in Paws that accepts Britannia's poorest, who no longer have a roof over their heads.

Founded several years before the time of the Avatar's arrival, the shelter was a Fellowship-run organisation. According to rumours, the shelter has a policy of only allowing Fellowship members. In Ultima VII, the shelter is the least popular among those to whom it should be the most attractive: the beggars of Paws.

In Ultima Underworld II, Feridwyn said that the shelter, now free of the Fellowship, had problems with funding, and it remained to be seen if it could keep operating.

Trivia Edit

  • If the Avatar dies in Ultima VII, the hero is revived here.
  • Other inhabitants include Alina (and her baby), Merrick, and Garritt, the spoiled son of Feridwyn.

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