Colour: Purple
Symbol: Chalice
Principles: Courage, Truth
Explanation: Courage to seek and uphold the Truth
Towns: Trinsic
Mantra: Summ
Word of Power: Infama
Player class: Paladin
Dungeon: Shame

Honor is one of the Eight Virtues.

Honor, founded on the principles of Courage and Truth, is the courage to stand for the truth, against any odds. It is the courage to stand for truth regardless of the circumstances. On a grassy plain on the southeastern shore of Britannia, Trinsic's honorable paladins impress visitors with their courage and devotion to truth.

The Shrine of Honor is situated southwest of Trinsic, near the Cape of Heroes.

Blackthorn's law Edit


During Blackthorn's tyranny, Honor was turned into a law: "If thou dost lose thine own honor, thou shalt take thine own life."

Honor through the Ages Edit

Ultima IV Edit

Meditating at the Shrine of Honor will give these insights;

  • "Take not the gold of others for this shall bring dishonor upon thee!"
  • "To strike first a non-evil being is by no means an honorable deed!"
  • "Seek ye to solve the many Quests before thee, and honor shall be a reward!"

Ultima V Edit

"'Tis now thy sacred Quest to go unto the Codex and learn the darkness of Dishonor!"

"It is the guilt, not the guillotine, that constitutes the shame."

Ultima VI Edit

"Honor may be assailed, but can never be hurt. Surprised by unjust force, but not enthralled."


Honour is the courage to stand for the truth, against any odds.

- from The Book of Lore (Ultima V)

Honor is the courage to stand for truth regardless of the circumstances.

- from A Safe Passage Through Britannia (Ultima Underworld II)

Truth is the tree from whose top sing the bird of Honor. The Courage to be true in repetition brings the song of Honor to your spirit. Though its melody sweetens over time, Honor can be lost in a moment's hesitation. Honor sings from a lonely mountain. In finding the courage to pursue the truths in one's life, you shall find Honor.

- from Journal (Ultima IX)

Trivia Edit

  • The virtue of Honor can collide with others, especially Honesty and Justice. This is showcased in the questions of the gypsy that feature this combination.

The Eight Virtues
Principles TruthLoveCourage
Virtues HonestyCompassionValorJusticeSacrificeHonorSpiritualityHumility

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