This article is about a pirate from Ultima VII. For the proprietor of Hook's Arms, see Hook (U4).

Hook, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII

Hook is an extremely dangerous killer in Ultima VII: A pirate who left his own band of scallawags to become a murderer for the Fellowship. Together with Abraham and Elizabeth, Hook killed the enemies of the Fellowship, brutally ripping them apart with his hook-hand. His direct helper was the wingless gargoyle Forskis. He made his hideout in the caves of Buccaneer's Den, where the local populace feared him.

Hook was trained by master De Snel in Jhelom, the previous master-assassin, and committed at least 14 brutal murders in Britannia prior to Ultima VII (one of them in Britain against a politician that was opposed to the Fellowship). During the events of The Black Gate, he also killed Christopher in Trinsic, two gypsies in Minoc, and Alagner in New Magincia. Hook was also responsible for crippling Rutherford, by lopping off an arm and cutting out one of his eyes.

Hook found his end in the battle at the Black Gate, where he had first suggested killing the Avatar, but perished in the following battle.

Trivia Edit

  • Hook is well-known to the High Court, and deemed one of the most dangerous criminals in Britannia.