Huitlapacti, from Savage Empire
Species: Human
Savage Empire

Huitlapacti is cousin by marriage to the king of the Nahuatla Tribe, Moctapotl. His wife is Tlapatla.

Prior to Savage Empire, the insane Dr. Spector had made him invulnerable, making it a simple task for Huitlapacti to put the shaman Oaxtepac into prison and force his cousin to flee, thus usurping power in the tribe. Huitlapacti became a bloodthirsty dictator, hated and feared by his own people.

When the Avatar tried to talk with him (after permission from Dr. Spector), it quickly became clear that Huitlapacti was not only cruel and bloodthirsty, but also rather stupid. This combination made the Avatar decide it was best to keep the conversation short, as one wrong word to the man could mean a nasty end.

When the invulnerability-field was shut down with the destruction of Kotl, the furious people of the tribe lynched Huitlapacti, enabling Moctapotl to return to power.

Trivia Edit

  • Saying too much to Huitlapacti is dangerous; if asked about his job, he will immediately summon his guards to kill the Avatar.

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