Hydra Brothers
Hydra Brothers
Hydra Brothers, from Ultima VII
Species: Hydra
Ultima VII
Location: Ambrosia

The Hydra Brothers are actually the three heads of the Hydra that guards the Cadellite meteorite on Ambrosia. Despite being on the same body, the three heads have each a distinct personality. The three heads are called from right to left Shandu, Shanda and Shando.

Shandu is the most talkative of the heads, and also clearly the most intelligent. It's him who tells the others what to do and he also is the head that does most of the talking with strangers, with the others commenting. He also seems to be the only of the three remembering that it is their job to protect the meteorite.

Shanda is the least intelligent of the three, incapable of speech, although the others can understand him well enough. He hates it when others say his name and is very impatient, mostly thinks with his stomach. It is possible that he can't talk because he is the head that can spit fire, which may have affected his vocal chords.

Shando is somewhat forgetful and the most sarcastic of the three. It is his job to translate all the gestures and grunts that Shanda makes. He comments often on what Shandu says as well. Shando insists that he is the head that has first seen the day of light, thus he is the oldest.

The Hydra Brothers were met during the Avatar's quest to find the Cadellite meteorite on Ambrosia in Ultima VII. Talking with them it became clear real fast that they thought themselves totally superior to humans, and made fun of the Avatar at the same time. However, once it was mentioned that the Avatar was after the meteorite, the Hydra Brothers decided to attack, wanting to feast on the party. This was their mistake, because despite being big, they were weak and got slaughtered in the following battle.

Trivia Edit

  • Looking into the body after killing them reveals that their last meal consisted of a Troll and a Headless.

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