IT-HE Ultima 6 Editing Utilities is a collection of several utilities written by DOUG the Eagle Dragon for editing Ultima VI, Martian Dreams and The Savage Empire.

The utilities include:

  • The Ultima 6 Developer's Kit: a package of four programs to edit the game, including Tweak (a party roster editor), Map (world editor), RedSetter (to make static scenery) and Undead (repairs brain-dead resurrected characters). There are also a couple of patches to enable this to work on Martian Dreams and The Savage Empire.
  • List of Useful Objects: a list of items that can be used by cheating and talking to Iolo to create them.
  • Ultima 6 Savegame Manager: allows fir more than one savegame in the game.
  • Book Editor: allows the user to export the text from books, and import them back into the game after modifications.
  • Finder: adds a tracker to the Avatar (Stamp), and allows the user to track the Avatar (Finder).

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