Ice Trolls
Ice Troll, from Ultima VII Part Two manual
Variants: Trolls
Only appearance: Serpent Isle

A different kind of Troll. They share the same style of life with normal Trolls, but they are quite a bit more dangerous. Ice Trolls have freezing breath which can turn their enemies into blocks of ice in no time. Therefore, only experienced adventurers should dare to battle Ice Trolls.

They are mainly found in caves of the northern regions.


Much like true trolls, these are nothing more than brigands and killers. However, their cold nature makes them even more dangerous, for the nearer one comes to an ice troll, the lower the surrounding temperature drops. Sadly, I have witnessed a man quite literally freeze to death while combating one of these terrifying monsters.

- from Beyond the Serpent Pillars (Ultima VII Part Two)

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