Throwing an Iceball

  • Words of Power: (unknown)
  • Reagents: BP, MR
  • Circle: (unknown)

Many offensive spells, such as Fireball, rely on fire to hurt enemies. This potent offensive spell proves there are other ways of accomplishing this deed. Instead of fire, a massive Iceball is thrown against the enemy, with devastating results. After the sphere's initial impact, the ice will often bury the foe beneath its sheer weight, freezing it to death. This makes it one of the stronger missile spells available.


Once again, the invaluable Black Pearl is the key to the casting of the missile spells, of which the Iceball is the second most potent in the mage's arsenal. Unlike the previously discussed Fireball spell, the Iceball requires only the use of Mandrake Root in conjunction with the Black Pearl. The necromantic Mandrake will bring the chill of the grave upon your enemy and the very blood of the victim will freeze as if it were midwinter. Ice is heavy, and the toll of casting this spell is equally weighty. All but the sturdiest of our profession will need to take rest after casting but a pair of these potent enchantments. Remember to speak the name of your intended victim as you cast the reagents aloft, lest your efforts be for naught.

- from The Book of Mystic Wisdom (Ultima IV)

Trivia Edit

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