Immanuelle, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Trinsic

Immanuelle raises horses in Trinsic in Ultima VI.

Immanuelle was a bit of a flirt who enjoyed teasing the Avatar. She joked that there was a special name some people had for her, and she'd love to show the Avatar how she got it. Despite her flirtatious attitude, Immanuelle was also passionate about the horses she raised. She freely admitted that she could hardly bear parting with any of her horses, although, there were a few that failed to please her that she might part with.

The bard Culham sang a tale of how a group of gypsies once tricked Immanuelle out of a horse. The gypsies snuck a poisonous weed into a horse's trough, making the animal bloated and ill. They then convinced Immanuelle that the horse had an infectious disease called 'arturosis', and if the animal was not destroyed it would infect the rest of the herd. Immanuelle agrees to pay the gypsies to remove the horse from the herd, thinking she had saved the rest of the animals. The gypsies on the other hand have themselves a delicious horse stew.

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