Infinity Bow

The Infinity Bow, found on the Serpent Isle, is a true masterpiece of magic in that it will never need ammunition; the bow magically produces a new arrow every time one is needed. This makes it a very useful weapon, and many archers would kill to get one of these into their hands.

Unfortunately, the Infinity Bow is also quite rare to find. One is held in the treasury of the city Fawn, but according to rumors, another can be found in the Shrine of Balance.

Trivia Edit

  • The Infinity Bow does less damage (6 points) than the magic bow does with just standard arrows (12 points). Its advantage of not requiring arrows is also its flaw, since one cannot load it with more powerful arrows.
  • It isn't possible to get an Infinity Bow until very late in the game, and you can't normally keep the one from the Dream Realm in the Gorlab Swamp.
    • However, it is possible to keep the Infinity Bow from the Dream Realm. When awakening at the entrance of the Swamp of Gorlab, the player's "Oniric" inventory remains for a fraction of second; open the inventory screen, drop all these goods, exit the inventory, recover all "real" equipment, and keep the "Oniric" one (of course, this method can be considered cheating)!

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