Iolo's Bow

Iolo Fitzowen is most well known for his mastery of the crossbow. However, that doesn't mean that he is content to neglect other ranged weapons. This bow is a special construction made by Iolo from the best available materials and perfectly balanced and weighted. It is a superior weapon, but sadly also the private property of its maker.

In Ultima IX, Iolo gave the Avatar this bow after teaching the final bow technique to the hero. Of course, this was only possible if Iolo had survived the dungeon Despise.

Trivia Edit

  • As said above, to get it, Iolo has to be alive and the other techniques have to be learned in Britain and Yew, before the Avatar can get this weapon. The Avatar's dexterity must also be at maximum.
  • The damage of this weapon is 45(min) - 50(max).

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