Iolo's Bows

Iolo's Bows is the yardstick when it comes to the manufacturing of distance weapons. Founded by Iolo Fitzowen, legendary companion of the Avatar, the company deals with crossbows, bows and the fitting arrows and bolts. Their high quality guarantees maximum efficiency, but also at a high price. Nonetheless, every archer or crossbowman who wants to use quality work buys either at the main branch in Britain, or the new location, Iolo's South, in Serpent's Hold.

Iolo founded the business before Ultima V in Britain. It grew over time, selling a much bigger selection in Ultima VI. In Ultima VII, Iolo's South was opened in Serpent's Hold when business prospered.

Trivia Edit

  • Iolo doesn't get a discount in his own shop!
  • Triple crossbows are patented by Iolo's Bows.
  • Double-clicking on a crossbow bolt in Ultima VII, Iolo will proudly tell that it is from his shop. This code was somehow accidentally used in Ultima VII Part Two, creating an inconsistency, since Iolo doesn't have a shop on Serpent Isle.

Goods Edit

In Ultima V, prices were:

Goods Cost
Dagger 1gp
Sling 10gp
Bow 75gp
Arrows 10gp
Crossbow 150gp
Quarrels 15gp
Magic Bow 800 gp

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