Irene is the provisioner of Minoc in Ultima IX.

When meeting her in her shop, Irene spoke of how looting had broken out in Minoc after the columns appeared, until Raxos put it down bloodily and made himself ruler over the city. Irene was all for it and said the Avatar should speak with him.

Irene admitted that she'd looted the dead during the riots and also raided the graves, saying that the dead don't need things anymore. She didn't feel guilty in the slightest.

After the Avatar had repaired the Shrine of Sacrifice, she thanked the Avatar, and was glad Raxos's sacrifices had been put to an end.


Food & Drink Pre-Cleanse Post-Cleanse
Booze 15gp 5gp
Bread 10gp 4gp
Cake 20gp 15gp
Provisions Pre-Cleanse Post-Cleanse
Lantern 75gp 55gp
Oil Flask 12gp 8gp
Sextant 750gp 550gp
Torch 10gp 6gp
Jewelry Pre-Cleanse Post-Cleanse
Jade Bracelet 250gp 250gp

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