Irina is a gypsy woman and the daughter of Laszlo, the Rom Baro. She is encamped near Minoc

In Ultima IX, the Avatar first encountered her when Blackthorn had entered the gypsies' camp and was threatening to kill her in the hopes of forcing her father to release the blue lens. Although Laszlo did not deliver the artifact, Blackthorn failed to make good on his threats to Irina, choosing instead to cast a curse upon the gypsies as a whole - condemning to death any who assisted the Avatar's quest.[1]

Later, Irina could be found in her tent. When the hero spoke with her, she heavily emphasized her unwed status, flirtatiously discussing her desire for a husband. She also offered to read the Avatar's destiny through the tarot, predicting that, "Today, your balance and grace will leave you. You will stumble and reel like the drunkard." Either due to ignorance or unwillingness, she could provide no information regarding the sigil and mantra of Sacrifice, advising the hero to seek out Morganna for more information.[2]

After the Shrine of Sacrifice was cleansed, she promised to only use her powers of fortune telling only for good.


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