Iskander, from Ultima VII
Species: Cyclops
Ultima VII
Location: Deceit

Iskander is one of the few non-hostile Cyclops encountered in the entire Ultima series.

In Ultima VII: The Black Gate, the Avatar meets Iskander near Dungeon Deceit. Iskander introduces himself as being of the clan Ironheart and the eleventh son of Valador. He is considered a hero among his people, as he protects them from humans who would try to attack their village and has performed great acts in the 206 years of his life.

One hundred and eighty-nine years before he met the Avatar (11 years after the end of Ultima VI), Iskander says he slew the seven Gazer Princes when they used their magic to steal the eye from the leader of his tribe (apparently cyclops eyes are considered a delicacy to some races in Britannia). Iskander would have been 17 at the time. According to him, 206 is not even considered old for one of his kind.

For a hundred years, he earned the nickname 'Wonder Boy' among his people.

When the Avatar meets him, Iskander is scouting for a safe place for his tribe to move to and live in. He had paused near Deceit to puzzle the mysteries of the nearby Tetrahedron Generator. He was also being tracked by two half-sister warriors, Eiko and Amanda, who accused Iskander of killing their father Kalideth, a mage. In truth, Kalideth had attacked Iskander as a result of the mage madness affecting most spellcasters in Ultima VII, and Iskander had slain Kalideth in self-defence. The Avatar could discover this and reveal it to the two sisters, who then decide not to take vengeance on Iskander.

Iskander's final fate is unknown.

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