Isstanar, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Automaton
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Serpent's Fang

Commander of the Order outpost of Serpent's Fang in Ultima VII Part Two, Isstanar is unique in his following of the doctrine of Order, as he has allowed his consciousness to be transferred into the body of a steel automaton. Initially suspicious of the Avatar, Isstanar eventually relinquishes a magical key-ring to the player, which absorbs any key put on it, allowing the ability to carry every key in the game without weight or space problems.

Despite his adherence to Order, it is unclear whether or not Isstanar remained on Serpent Isle after the War of Imbalance was halted, or if he chose to travel with his brethren beyond the Wall of Lights.

It should also be noted, that along with Petra (quite possibly an automaton version of Elissa), Isstanar is the only automaton in the game with its own personality (they are both steel automaton, rather than the standard brass versions).

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