{{Infobox/NPC/Ultima Underworld | portrait=File:Jaacar.gif | location=Stygian Abyss (Underworld)#First Level{{!}}Abyss-Level One | universal= {{Infobox/NPC/Universal   | species=Goblin}} }} '''Jaacar''' is one of the grey [[Goblins]] living on the first level of [[the Abyss]]. He appears in ''[[Ultima Underworld I]]''.

Description Edit

When the Avatar talked with him, Jaacar told the hero something about the dangerous privy of the grey Goblins, and how some Goblins use the lavatory and disappear while at it and never be seen again, with only the occasional screams of fear after one had fallen down.

Jaacar's rumor had some truth, as the lavatory led to the second level, into a lake with a [[Lurkers|Lurker]]. The Avatar also found some of the fallen Goblins, who'd become savages. [[Category:NPCs of Ultima Underworld]]

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