Jaggers, from Runes of Virtue manual
Only appearance: Runes of Virtue

Jaggers are large animate boulders found throughout the dungeons of Britannia in Runes of Virtue.

These large stone creatures roam the dungeons of Britannia, moving along the sides of hallways and larger rooms without directly moving towards the hero. Despite this, jaggers refuse to use doors. Should the hero get caught in the path of these rolling stones, they will receive severe blunt trauma from the encounter. Some jaggers are even capable of shooting deadly bolts at the hero causing additional damage. After being defeated, jaggers leave large boulders behind which can be pushed by the hero and may even lead to the blocking of passageways or tunnels, but can also be used for solving important puzzles.

Lore Edit

Jaggers turn into rocks when they are defeated - but some of them can't be hurt!.

- from Runes of Virtue Manual (Runes of Virtue)

Trivia Edit

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