Jan, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Meditation Retreat

Jan is the director of the Fellowship's Meditation Retreat east of Serpent's Hold. He seems to be a nice enough man at first, but his warnings to never enter the cave make it clear that he actually knows of the Cube Generator and therefore the Guardian's true plans.

Jan met the Avatar in Ultima VII at the gate of the retreat. He explained the reason of the retreat was to hear the "inner voice". In reality, the retreat was built because of the closeness to the Cube Generator, allowing easier corruption of the people. Also, despite acting nice, his elitist thinking was revealed when talking with him about the walls of the retreat.

He gave the Avatar the key to the retreat after joining the Fellowship, thus providing access to the Cube Generator, despite a warning not to enter the cave. It is likely that he was sentenced for his involvement with the darker aspects of the Fellowship after its dissolution.

Trivia Edit

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