A number of Japanese clue books by several companies were released in Japan to assist with the console ports of Ultima III to Ultima VII.

Ultima III Clue Books Edit

Cb ponica u3 big jpg

Ultima Perfect Solution

Ultima Kanzen Kouryakuhou (Perfect Solution) is a clue book for the NES-Port of Ultima III from PONICA Publishing, written by Tatsuya Yoshimura, Hiroshi Suga, et al. and published October 10th 1987 for a price of ¥380.

Ultima V Clue Books Edit

Cb locus u5 big jpg

Ultima V ClueBook

The Ultima V Clue Book is a clue book for the Ultima V from Locus / Seiunsha, written by Toshiyuki Sato, Taro Hirai and Toshihiki Mizuta. It was published December 20th 1990 for a price of ¥1800.

Ultima VI Clue Books Edit


Ultima VI Cluebook (Japan)

The Ultima VI Clue Book is 110 pages long and contains maps and hints for important quests in the SNES Port of Ultima VI. It originally retailed for 880¥ and was published by JICC in May 20th 1992. In contains colour maps of all cities in Ultima VI, black and white maps of all dungeons, and character art for all playable characters.

It was written by Hiromu Inoue.

Cb locus u6 jpg

Ultima VI ClueBook

The Ultima VI Clue Book is a clue book for Ultima VI from Locus / Seiunsha, written by Tetsuo Kanai. It was published November 30th 1991 for a price of ¥1800.

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