Jeanette, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Britain

Jeanette is a barmaid in Britain in Ultima VII.

A sexy and sweet young woman, Jeanette was happy to work at the Blue Boar Tavern in Britain. Jeanette readily admitted to disliking the upper class of Britannia, believing they were all the same, and that the best man to love was a humble merchant. When the Avatar told her that Charles the servant was attracted to her, she was annoyed, believing him to be a rich upper-class gentleman because he worked at Castle Britannia. She admitted that she was in fact in love with Willy the baker, who she felt was a more humble man.

It was Iolo who explained to her that Willy in fact was an egotistical man, and that Charles was of a far lower class than him. Jeanette was determined to flirt with Charles in earnest now that she considered him an acceptable match.

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