Jenna, from Ultima VIII
Species: Human
Ultima VIII
Location: Tenebrae

Jenna is the barmaid at the Shattered Skull tavern in Tenebrae on Pagan.

The Avatar met her in Ultima VIII after already having spoken to her father, the Captain of the Guard, Darion. Jenna showed the Avatar her sword, a gift from her late grandfather, revealing that her father, who had always wanted a son but only got her, had trained her to masterhood with the sword. However she'd "only killed one or two" people with it.

She also was really annoyed at her father's plans to finally see her wed to a young man. She'd managed to scare away all suitors, mentioning Cyrrus whom she had felt of as especially boring, feeling glad that he had went to Argentrock Isle.

The Avatar had to speak carefully, since Jenna was easily offended should her fighting powers be taken into doubt. She also sold food and drink at prices less than her boss Orlock.

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