Jergi, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Minoc

Jergi is the king of the gypsies camped outside of Minoc. He is also the husband of the fortune-teller Margareta.

In Ultima VII, the Avatar met Jergi immediately after the mutilation killings of his sister-in-law, Tania, and his brother, Frederico, who had been the king of the gypsies before him. Burdened with the mantle of leadership, Jergi despaired over the fate of his people, who had suffered the prejudices of the Sosarians and later the Britannians over the centuries. He worried that his people were dying out from the world and feared that they would soon have to leave Minoc.[1]

Nostalgically, he would reveal that he had courted the beautiful Tania, and that over the years he had secretly carried a torch for her, even after she had wed his brother. It was only after marrying the beautiful Margareta in the past year that he claimed his broken heart had been mended.[2] He spoke with anxiety of her now orphaned son, Sasha, who was torn due to his discovery of the Fellowship. Jergi claimed no opinion of the Fellowship, but indicated that ultimately Sasha would have to choose between it and his people.[3]

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