Jerris, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Jhelom

Jerris is a fighter in Jhelom in Ultima VI.

The Avatar found Jerris to be a pleasant young man who enjoyed drinking and fighting. Jerris readily told the Avatar about how he hoped to someday join Zellivan's stalwarts and become a guard. Jerris was very impressed by Lord Zellivan, telling him how during the last earthquake that shook Britannia, he was pinned beneath a tree branch, and Lord Zellivan helped free him.

Jerris seemed quite knowledgeable of the goings on at the local bar too. He was familiar with the locally brewed ale and how Nomaan lost the Rune of Valor. Lyssandra told the Avatar that Jerris was brave while fighting, but he was too afraid to sing by himself. One of Jerris's favourite songs was about the Mantra of Valor. Stelnar also spoke highly of Jerris's bravery.

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