Jesse, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Britain

Jesse when the Avatar is a woman

Jesse is an actor in Britain in Ultima VII.

Jesse was a pretentious artist who was playing the role of the Avatar in the upcoming play, 'The Trials of the Avatar'. He explained how he had been practicing for months for the role, trying to get himself physically and mentally prepared to be the Avatar. He was proud to be playing the role, but wished that he could perform more experimental pieces instead of the catering to simple tales of sorcery, chivalry, and monsters. His favorite play was written by Raymundo called, "Three on a Codpiece", which consisted of audience members tearing an undergarment into pieces, mixing them with wheat paste and placing them in an urn, and finally gluing the pieces randomly about his body.

Stuart felt that Jesse was all wrong for the role, and believed he should have been given the lead.

Trivia Edit

  • It is very easy to see why Stuart complains, since Jesse's looks alone are pretty much an insult to the Avatar. However, it get even WORSE if the Avatar is female. Jesse, a MAN, still plays the role, wearing drag and a red wig! This adds even more insult to injury.

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