Jillian, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Lycaeum

Jillian is a scholar at the Lycaeum. She is married to Effrem and together they have a son named Mikhael. However, she is totally blind to her husband's unhappiness. She also is important for the Avatar's quest to find the island Ambrosia.

In Ultima VII, Jillian told the Avatar that she was a Trainer for the Art of Magic, offering training for the right price. She was a bookworm and therefore saw little of the world outside of the Lycaeum. Later, when the Avatar needed information about the island Ambrosia, Brion directed the Avatar to Nelson, who directed the Avatar to Jillian, who told him that the island should be in the North-East Sea.


  • For 35 gold pieces, she raises INT and Magic.

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