This article is about a character from Ultima VII. For the Ultima VII Part Two character, see Johnson (Serpent Isle).

Johnson, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Trinsic

Johnson is a guard in Trinsic during Ultima VII, assigned to the day shift at the east gate leading to the harbour.

Barely an hour before the Avatar arrived in Trinsic in Ultima VII, Johnson found Gilberto, the night guard, unconscious near the gate when he came to relieve him of his duty. Other than that, Johnson hadn't found anything that helped in regard to the murder of Christopher, and told the Avatar so when questioned about the matter.

Johnson also was a member of the Fellowship, attending the services and claiming that his devotion to the group had improved his abilities as a guard.

Trivia Edit

  • Johnson is one of the few guards in Ultima VII that is named.

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