This article is about a character from Ultima VII Part Two. For the Ultima VII character, see Johnson.

Johnson, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Monitor

Johnson was one of the many pikemen of Monitor.

A member of the Wolf Command, Johnson wrote a book about how to be a better warrior. However, his theoretical knowledge did not transfer well to reality, and he was taken prisoner by the Goblins. The Goblins saved him for dinner, but the Avatar managed to rescue him in Ultima VII Part Two from this cruel fate. However, Johnson was heavily wounded, and he died on the way back to Monitor from his injuries. The Avatar brought his body to the Crematorium for his last peace.

Trivia Edit

  • There is no way to save him, he will die of his wounds in any case.
  • Johnson's script has a bug, that he will (sometimes) act like a normal guard in the Goblin village.
  • While it is easy to assume Johnson was at Fawn Tower and captured when the Goblins seized it, there is nothing directly supporting this. The fact that he was in the Wolf Command the tower, at the time, was being manned by the Bear Command seems to go against this theory, however.

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