Jorvin, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Fawn

Jorvin was the Captain of the Guard and chief law enforcement official in Fawn, a city on the Serpent Isle in Ultima VII Part Two.

Jorvin was a dedicated and efficient professional in charge of maintaining law and order in Fawn. He had a warrior's spirit and envied the Knights of Monitor. His task at maintaining the peace was all the easier by his possession of the "Wand of Detainment", a magical device that allowed him to detain any person with the a flick of his wrist.

One day, a ship from Britannia arrived in Fawn, bringing with it sailors and members of the Fellowship to the city. They were welcomed at first, but when a series of Teleport Storms began to ravage Serpent Isle, Lady Yelinda, ruler of Fawn, was convinced by Kylista, Priestess of Beauty, to expel the Britannians. Jorvin reluctantly followed the order and saw that they all relocated outside the city. Soon afterward, the Fawn Tower (controlled by Pikemen of Monitor) was captured by Goblins. Jorvin wished to lead an assault to retake it, but his duties precluded it.

Soon afterward, the Avatar arrived in Fawn with three companions. Recently a Knight of Monitor, the Avatar liberated Fawn Tower from the Goblins. A companion, Iolo, won over some of the people (including Kylista) with a song, prompting an invitation from Lady Yelinda. Before the meeting, the Avatar was attacked by one of the Fellowship sailors, Kalen, but was quickly killed. Jorvin arrived too late, but promised to investigate the attack. He was present when the Avatar met the Lady, and heard the Avatar's companion, Dupre, make a toast to his liege, Lord British. As fealty to British was a crime in Fawn, Jorvin promptly arrested Dupre, subduing him and the others with the Wand of Detainment.

Dupre was quickly put on trial before the Oracle of Fawn. Jorvin testified that his spies had followed the Avatar about the city, observing curious behavior. Jorvin also escorted the Fellowship members into the city to testify, quickly escorting them out once they were done. The trial recessed for a day, and as it started up again, Jorvin and Alyssand discovered that Kylista had been conspiring with one of the Great Captains, Voldin, to control the proclamations of the Oracle. The two went straight to the Temple, only to discover that the Avatar had only found this out and freed the Oracle (which pronounced Dupre innocent). Voldin had been killed and Kylista was promptly jailed (while the Avatar and the others were free to go).

Like most of the citizens of Fawn, Jorvin is killed when the Insanity Bane (possessing the body of Iolo) destroys the city.

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