Meeting Joshua

Joshua is a Mage of Moonglow in Ultima IX.

The Avatar met him during an attack of thieves on his house after the latest of his son Leeland's stories actually proved true. Joshua, who was worried about the lies his son had told before, hoped that this would scare his son straight, and then asked the Avatar for help. The thieves had stolen his valuable journal, and he needed it back.

The Avatar found it, reading that Joshua was researching the unstable orbits of the Moons of Britannia, before returning it to its owner. Thankful, Joshua gave the Avatar several powerful spell scrolls in return.

Trivia Edit

The full text from his journal can be read below:

My Journal
Something in the moons is causing the people of Moonglow to act quite unnaturally. They have all become liars. I even find myself falling into the same pit of deceit that governs them. Lately I have noticed that my son Leeland is acting the same. He has neglected his studies of the magical arts, and has instead found entertainment in leading wayward travellers on wild goose chases. I'm not sure what I should do about all of this.
Upon extensive study of the Moons from my telescope, I have noticed that they are indeed moving closer at a rate unparalleled for their normal behavior this time of year. Thus I have concluded that something dire is about to happen to our beloved town, and quite possible, Britannia.
I went to that fool Tydus in hopes that he could answer my inquiry into the matter, and wouldn't you know, that fool actually had the gall to think he could charge me for his services. As if he was the one who owns the Oracle! He's claiming now that the Oracle specially requested that he act as a liason when an answer is needed. The Oracle is available to everyone!
I will continue my studies....

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