The Jukari Tribe living in south-eastern Eodon has very unclear origins. They live in rather primitive conditions, being, with the exception of the Haakur Tribe and the Sakkhra Tribe, the least developed tribe in the valley. Living near the lava of the volcanos is a hazard, and they are in constant conflict with their neighbors, the Haakur Tribe.

When the Avatar visited the tribe in Savage Empire, they had recently experienced a tragedy with a lava flow killing their old chief and the shaman. The new chief Jumu was willing to join in on uniting the tribes, as long as the Avatar could manage to get back a sacred hide to them, whose cave was now cut off by a lava flow. The Avatar managed to do so, and gained their allegiance.

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A reverent and hard-living race, the Jukari occupy lands in the vicinity of the valley's active volcanoes. Their lives seemed to be dedicated to a few simple tasks: Finding enough to eat in the harsh, unpromising volcanologists' paradise they occupied; placating the nature - spirits whom they felt cause the earth to rumble and the mountains to "spit fire," and coping in a warlike fashion with the nearby tribe called the Haakur.
The Jukari are amongst the most primitive of the valley's tribes, and their dialect of the languages gives me few clues as to their outer-world origin.

- from Ultimate Adventures Magazine (Savage Empire)

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