Jumu, from Savage Empire
Species: Human
Savage Empire

Jumu is the young chief of the Jukari Tribe in Savage Empire.

When the Avatar met Jumu, he had only been leader of the Jukari tribe for several days. He explained to the Avatar that the volcano near their home had recently become active and killed his father and the tribe's shaman. Jumu was worried that he need extra guidance to lead his people, and asked the Avatar to return the sacred hide of his people from a series of caves to the east. He explained to the Avatar that the caves had recently become inaccessible due to the volcanic activity, and a river of magma now separated his people from their treasured relic. Dr. Rafkin suggested that a fire extinguisher, located in his laboratory, might be useful to overcome this problem.

Upon the return of the hide, Jumu was willing to unite with the other tribes to defeat the Myrmidex.

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