Kador, from Ultima VI
Species: Dog
Ultima VI

Kador is a dog who travels with Zoltan the gypsy.

Kador was a shaggy, amicable dog who entertained the Avatar with a number of tricks. The dog carried a bowl to collect coins, and was quite pleased if the Avatar donated for its effort.

If the Avatar asked the dog for "advice," or simply to "speak," it replied by saying, "I feel that the whole debate over 'free will' versus 'determination' arises from an artificial semantic division. In light of the works of Godel and Heisenberg, it is evident that the two concepts are indistinguishable and thus, for all practical purposes identical."

Clearly, Kador was an educated animal.

If after getting it to talk once, the Avatar asked it the same keyword again, it'd only respond with a bark.

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