Kallibrus, from Ultima VII
Species: Gargoyle
Ultima VII
Location: Destard

Kallibrus is a gargoyle fighter and mercenary questing in Dungeon Destard. Kallibrus is not his original name, having been given to him by his partner Cairbre, who couldn't pronounce his name in Gargish.

In Ultima VII, the Avatar met Kallibrus and his partner Cairbre in Dungeon Destard, where they were accompanying Cairbre's friend Cosmo in his attempts to find a unicorn. Cosmo had previously become smitten with an attractive barmaid named Ophelia, who, not requiting his affections, had sent him on a fool's errand, asking that he find the mystical beast to prove his virginity.

When the Avatar spoke to Kallibrus, the Gargoyle admitted his confusion over the whole affair with Cosmo, being unfamiliar with romantic love and human reproduction. He asked the hero questions regarding the idea of "females" and human sexuality, explaining that gargoyles reproduced in a far different way.

Trivia Edit

  • Cairbre is flustered when Kallibrus mentions that they have been "bonded," telling the gargoyle not to say such things lest people get the wrong idea. Precisely what Kallibrus means by this is never explained.
  • While it is possible for the Avatar to convince a unicorn known as Lasher to assist Cosmo in his task, the ultimate fate of Cosmo and Ophelia is never made explicit in the series.

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