Karl, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Minoc

Karl is a bitter man living in a hut outside of the city limits of Minoc, who is trying to cope with a tragedy.

When the Avatar first met Karl in Ultima VII, the man had no wish to talk and generally was very unfriendly. It wasn't until the trainer Jakher hinted that Karl's bitterness could come from his brother's death, that his behaviour became understandable.

So the Avatar asked Karl about the matter, and the man finally spoke about his grief. Apparently his brother had died on one of Owen's ships. Karl knew of other of Owen's ships that had sunk and Karl's grief was only made worse by all the worshiping given to Owen. Karl was never able to go against the man and even stealing a copy of his blueprints didn't help, since he couldn't read them. Karl had nothing against giving the blueprints to the Avatar.

Showing the blueprints to Julia revealed significant weaknesses in the ship design and when the news were given to mayor Burnside, he cancelled Owen's statue and Owen committed suicide after receiving the news.

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