Karnax, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Monk Isle

Karnax is the head monk of the Xenkan Monks during Xenka's absence, and is quite the cynic.

The Avatar's first impression of Karnax in Ultima VII Part Two wasn't a good one. He suddenly appeared and accused Thoxa of foolishness, before they both vanished following a magic duel.

Much later, the Avatar met Karnax on Monk Isle, where he seemed much more friendly, and explained the reasoning behind his actions. He believed that any action from their side would further the doom that would come upon Serpent Isle. However, it was nothing personal against the Avatar. Karnax went on to speak about the order and its current crisis, with few new novices and Xenka still missing.

Karnax himself was frustrated at how vague Xenka's prophecies were. (In reality, monks in the past felt her prophecies weren't mystical enough, and edited them until they became unreadable and the originals got lost). However, he knew more about the ancient Ophidian culture and how it effectively destroyed itself. He also possessed an interesting artifact, the Amulet of Balance, which was essential for the quest of the Silver Seed. Indeed, he felt its importance and managed to warp into the past for some moments to instruct the Avatar to plant the seed for the Tree of Balance.

Much later, after the Banes of Chaos were released, Karnax told the Avatar that Fedabiblio of Moonshade could know more. After the Avatar gave Karnax a scroll from Fedabiblio, he concluded that it was the Imbalance that was destroying the world. He had also finally determined how to cure Gwenno.

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