Katalkotl, from Savage Empire
Species: Kotl
Savage Empire

Katakotl was a great explorer in Kotl's distant past, so his people honored him by erecting a hologram of him inside the city of Kotl complete with his memories to act as a voice of knowledge.

After Yunapotli suggested talking to him in Savage Empire, the Avatar found him at the teleport hub of the city. For a hologram, Katakotl seemed offended that Dr. Spector had been rather rude to him before completely ignoring him. Katakotl gave much information about the city of Kotl, the creation of the Myrmidex, and how humans came to Eodon. When asked about the power generator of the city, Katakotl gave a detailed description of how to reach it, while giving some hints at how the generator worked.

With the loss of power and the following destruction of the city, Katakotl was destroyed as well.

Trivia Edit

  • Katakotl shows how far the Sakkhra have fallen. His speech is almost flawless, and his ornaments are very detailed.

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