Kenneth, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Britain

Kenneth is one of the most famous musicians in Britannia.

In Ultima V, the former court musician of Lord British had retreated from the worsening political climate to the lighthouse Greyhaven south of Trinsic. When the Avatar found him there, he offered the Avatar harpischord lessons about the song, "Stones." The lesson would later prove important to get the Sandalwood Box. After Lord Blackthorn was dethroned, Kenneth returned to Britain and even married.

In Ultima VI the Avatar found him as a teacher at the conservatory in Britain. Along with his wife Nan, the two taught promising young bards music and presented concerts. A charming man, he took a nonchalant attitude towards his wife's fear of spiders. He was extremely proud of his promising young student Ariana, and gladly told the Avatar that she was in possession of the Rune of Compassion. Kenneth was currently trying to work the mantra of compassion, 'mu', into a song, and gladly told the Avatar the mantra if asked.

Trivia Edit

  • Kenneth is the in-game persona of veteran Ultima composer and programmer, Kenneth W. Arnold.

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